Hi there, I'm Orel! I thought it would be fun to answer some questions in my spare time, so be sure to send some in okay?

Anonymous: I wanna lick you


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Anonymous: Have you met Doughy's parents?


I don’t know them very well though! I bet they’re nice.

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Anonymous: orel did you see the movie gods not dead?

Ms. Censordoll said it was no good!

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Anonymous: how's that leg doing, orel?


Thanks to Coach Stopframe and Jesus!

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Gosh, I’m 3 away from 200 followers! I sure can feel God’s love!

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((yo guys!! i keep getting messages about some grilled cheese post i didnt make so i wont be answering any of those cause i dont get it?? hope yall understand))

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feisty-kaiju: Hello, Orel! How's Moralton been lately?


I think.

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Golly, I guess I have some messages to answer!

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Anonymous: what do you think of people who don't believe in god?


How do they get into heaven?!

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Church was super righteous today! :)

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