Hi there, I'm Orel! I thought it would be fun to answer some questions in my spare time, so be sure to send some in okay?

I hope everyone had a great time at church today!

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I wonder if I should get more piercings…

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Anonymous: What do you think about homosexuality?


I think since God made you, you must be swell no matter who you like!

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Golly, I sure am glad it’s Sunday!

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Anonymous: Orel, what's one of your favorite memories that you've ever had?


I don’t know where I’d be without God on my side!

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Do you think God gets hot up there in heaven? It’s pretty hot here in the Summer!

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Anonymous: Orel, do you have anyone in mind you wanna be with ?.?.?.? ahem tiny little female Christ


… We do like each other…

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Anonymous: how was UR fourth of july?


My dad got really drunk and almost lit our whole lawn on fire with fireworks! Yep! Great!

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100 followers! Wow, thanks everyone! Jesus must really love me!

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Anonymous: HI OREL! do you have a girlfriend?!?


… Not really.

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